RCD UK safety Box type 13A 30mA RCD Protected Safety Socket

Short Description:


♦An easily fitted socket incorporating a Residual Current Device, give much greater safety in the use of electrical appliances against a risk of electrocution.

♦0230SMG metal type when installing an earth link must be wired to the earth terminal in the box by using side knockouts

♦Press green reset (R) button and window indicators turns red

♦Press blue test (T) button and window indicator turns black means the RCD has tripped successfully

♦Designed and munufactured in accordance with BS7288, and used with BS1363 plugs fitted with a BS1362 fuse only.

Product Detail

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Types Single/Double Socket; With/No switched
Material Plastic/Metal
Rated Voltage 240VAC
Rated Current 13A max
Frequency 50Hz
Tripping Current 10mA & 30mA
Tripping speed 40mS max
RCD contact breaker Double pole
Voltage Surge 4K (100kHz Ring Wave)
Endurance 3000 cycles min
Hit-pot 2000V/1min
Approval CE BS7288; BS1363
Cable capacity 3×2.5mm²
IP Rating IP4X
Dimension 146*86mm  86*86mm
Application Equipment, Household appliances etc.

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